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drug_addiction's Journal

I am an addict
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While we are here to help, we are not promoting drug addiction, it is not a glamourous lifestyle. Questions are allowed but please try to understand that no one here is going to help you obtain drugs. If you are here to ask about what your first time will be like or directions on how to do a drug "better" please find a different community. This community is to help and discuss the problems of people who really have an addiction.

If this obtains to you, you can check out some of these other communities:



Formerly I was these journals: whoa_ur_ugly _fuck_off Current Journal = not_so_sane_



[Note] Please respect the private journals of the Creator and Mod[s]. If you have a problem or an issue with this community or any of its members please either make a post about it or contact me @ poppergurl@hotmail.com. Please type Drug Addiction Community Problem or Issue in the Subject Line.

This is a community where you can come talk about your drug experiences. No one will personally be judged in this community. Give us stories, give us problems, give us rants, anything. This is also a community to come to get information from people who have had the experiences. We do not promote drug use, we just want a place to get support and information.

No drama please.


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Entries that may be permitted, provided they do not otherwise infringe upon the
above conditions, are:

Anecdotal entries (descriptions of experiences) and
factual entries (descriptions of effects, scientific analyses of substances),
and similar.

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